Kerin & Associates, P.C.
Land Use and Environmental Planning
  • Master development plans
  • Zone map amendments
  • Master utility plans
  • Traffic transportation planning, design and studies
  • Master plan amendments
  • Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)
  • Community assessments
Municipal infrastructure design to include:
  • Street paving, water, sewer, and storm drainage
  • Pedestrian improvements to include curbing, sidewalk, and trail systems
  • Park Improvement Districts
  • Traffic and street planning and design
Stream Channel and Bank Stabilization Design and River Hydraulics Permitting
  • Stream, riverbank and channel stabilization projects
  • Corps of Engineers "404" permitting
  • "310" Conservation District permitting
  • Special Land Use Permits – DNRC
  • Floodplain development permitting
Special Engineering Studies
  • Sanitary sewer, water and storm flow capacity studies
  • Floodplain hazard boundary identification
  • Special stream and channel hydraulic analysis
  • Capital improvement programs
Computer Based Services and Technologies
  • Computer-aided design and drafting (CAD)
  • Photogrammetric mapping
Civil engineering design services for:
  • Utility, street and traffic design
  • Run-off, drainage analysis and design
  • Floodplain delineation and identification
  • Pipe network analysis (water distribution)
  • Traffic and intersection computer modeling
  • Hydraulic analysis design for pipelines and irrigation systems
  • Street maintenance management modeling
  • Maintenance Engineering Services
  • Water and sewer rate studies
Site Planning and Design
  • Site grading and drainage planning
  • Building envelope and parking planning
  • Site layout and design
  • Wetland identification, jurisdictional delineations and enhancement plans
Subdivision and Platting
  • Subdivision master development planning
  • Subdivision design
  • Site Evaluations and Non-Degradation Analyses
  • Survey and platting documents
  • Lot Re-writes
  • Environmental Assessments and Community Impact reports (EA/CI)