Kerin & Associates, P.C.

Stoneridge Square Commercial Business Park - Bozeman, Montana

Client: Stoneridge Partners
Project Description: KA completed during the 2007 construction season the civil site planning, design, construction oversight, and inspection services for this 25 acre commercial real estate development. The project culminated after nearly three (3) years of planning, design, and construction. The firm continues to provide civil services to several remaining vacant tracts within the project. Work involved a number of off-site improvements including traffic analysis and design for key bordering street intersections and points of ingress and egress on North 19th Avenue, Tschache Lane and West Oak Street, as well as the Tschache Lane street corridor design. A key element of the project was the development of a comprehensive stormwater plan for the project. The site was divided into several drainage sub-catchments to facilitate the quick runoff of surface water. The owner was particularly concerned about minimizing the length of overland flow drainage paths to get runoff to points of collection and expedite overland flow travel times. Ponded water and icing were of particular concern for safety reasons; both were mitigated and have not been observed due to successful design and construction practices.
Engineering Issues: A serious survey error was detected just prior to construction during the spring of '06. The error was significant enough to require a re-design of the project, while construction was in progress. KA committed to re-design the affected portions of the project at no additional cost to the owner. KA met the challenge and there were no construction delays or design issues during the re-design process and construction.
Total Cost of Construction: $3.5 million

MSU Duck Pond Reconstruction - Bozeman, Montana

Client: Montana State University Facility Services
Project Description: Kerin and Associates, P.C., was contracted to prepare a comprehensive 3 phase design for the reconstruction of the iconic duck pond on the Campus of Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. The work was performed during the 2008 construction season. It culminated a two year planning and design effort. The Pond regularly draws faculty, students, and the public as a place for relaxation and contemplation.
Engineering Issues: The greatest design challenge for KA was to make the pond visually attractive. To achieve this, area landscape rock indigenous to southwestern Montana was selected to provide the hardscape exterior of the pond. The flow of fresh and re-circulated water into the Pond was used to mitigate the build-up of summertime algae and eliminate wintertime freezing. Careful thought went into the ease of operation and maintenance of the pond by MSU Maintenance personnel. The re-circulated and fresh water were aesthetically introduced into the pond through an inlet stream channel that resembles a natural mountain stream. The inlet stream provides the sights and sounds of cascading water prior to its confluence with the surface of the pond.
Total Cost of Construction: $400,000

Saddle View Residential Subdivision - Manhattan, Montana

Client: JLB, LLC
Project Description: Kerin & Associates, P.C. has completed the master development planning, preliminary platting requirements, and detailed engineering design plans and specifications for this 150 acre residential home development on the north side of town. Work includes annexation, master planning, utility design (water andsanitary sewer), stormwater management plan, wetlands permitting, street design, and open space design. Construction is pending and will likely be delayed until the housing construction market improves.
Engineering Issues: Project challenges included the development of a comprehensive wetland inventory, assessment, classification, and mapping of wetland soils for the property. These steps followed with the development of a comprehensive wetland mitigation plan that included the design of wetland ponds, vegetative greenbelt walkway corridors, and a vegetative riparian corridor along the intermittent stream through the middle of the project to mitigate the depletion of several wetland areas. In addition, a detailed soils report was prepared to evaluate design sections for collector and local streets to optimize pavement design sections. A comprehensive stormwater management plan was designed that included strategically placed detention basins and stormwater piping.
Total Cost of Construction: $6 million

Water Storage and Distribution System Improvements - Manhattan, Montana

Client: Town of Manhattan , Montana
Project Description: Provide an engineering design report to determine the optimum size of an elevated water storage tank and design a 400,000 gallon elevated storage tank with a state-of-the-art radio operated (SCADA) telemetry control system linked to a touch screen computer HMI for operation of the Town's five pumping units. The new water command center will allow the Town's water superintendent to operate his water system from a single master computer terminal. The project also includes the addition of several miles of new 12-inch diameter water transmission pipeline, looped around the north side of Town. The new storage tank and transmission piping will provide the backbone for improved water service to the Town. Also included are several new trunk water mains within the existing developed portion of Town, new fire hydrants, main line operational isolation valves and pipe fitting improvements.
Engineering Issues: The project is being funded in part with State of Montana Revolving Funds, as administered by the State of Montana DNRC, and through a special improvement district (SID) that includes newly annexed properties in Manhattan. The project has been delayed as a result of pending and unresolved water rights issues and the local downturn in the economy.
Total Cost of Construction: $5 million

Valley Commons & Nelson Commercial Business Parks - Bozeman, Montana

Client: P.C. Development, Inc.
Project Description: Valley Commons:This entry-way commercial PUD project involved the site planning, engineering design, and construction administration services. The project included the design of all normal utility improvements including: water, sanitary sewer; as well as storm water engineering including: detailed site grading and drainage design with on-site collection and retention of runoff; and pedestrian facilities linking all buildings and open spaces. The project was fully administered by KA, through the City of Bozeman's rigorous PUD review process.
Nelson Parkway Plaza Business Park:Similar in many ways to Valley Commons, the Nelson Parkway Plaza features both Commercial and multi-family dwelling units. The project was fully engineered by KA through the City of Bozeman PUD review process. Parkway Plaza is principally a commercial development, but integrates multi-family residential units on the perimeter of the project. Like Valley Commons, the Nelson Park incorporates pedestrian pathways and linear open spaces on a small perennial creek corridor that meanders through the project. An open space buffer and vegetated greenbelt corridor separate the US 191- Bozeman West highway arterial from the project. The project is a model combination commercial-multi-use residential development project in Bozeman's west-end entryway corridor into the City.

Engineering Issues: KA had tight schedules to meet with both projects.
Total Cost of Construction: Nelson Park Plaza Estates: $1.1 million
Valley Commons Business Park: $500,000

River Rock Commercial Subdivision & Business Park - Gallatin County, Montana

Client: P.C. Development, Inc/Gallatin County
Project Description: KA worked in conjunction with P.C. Development, Inc., and Gallatin County to complete the planning, design and engineering reports for this large residential-commercial development west of Belgrade, Montana. The work included the completion of the water and sewer rate study, design of on and off-site traffic improvements, design of the commercial center retaining wall, and parking lot stormwater drainage design.
Total Cost of Construction: $3.2 million

Northern Lights Residential Subdivision Phases 1 through 3 - Gallatin County, Montana

Client: P.C. Development, Inc/Gallatin County
Project Description: In 1996, Kerin & Associates, P.C., administered the engineering planning design for this approximate 200 lot major subdivision. Phase 1 improvements were completed in 1996. Phase 2 improvements were completed in 2004 and followed in quick succession by Phase 3 improvements in 2005. The firm provided the administration of the construction and staking, survey platting, testing and inspection services for the remaining lots of this residential subdivision during its construction phases.

Work included City water and sanitary sewer main extensions, fire hydrants, water/sewer appurtenances, storm drainage pipe installation, backfill compaction testing, road sub-grade, and finished grade testing, curbing and gutter installation, as well as detailed site grading and drainage planning for the collection and on-site treatment of stormwater and snowmelt runoff.

Total Cost of Construction: $2.0 million

Yellowstone Edge RV Park and Guest Cabins - North of Emigrant in Park County, Montana

Client: IAGO, Inc.
Project Description: KA completed site layout and master development planning, engineering design plans and specifications, topographic site surveying and base map development, construction engineering, survey staking, inspection, testing and administration services for the installation of the original Yellowstone Edge RV Park in 1994. The firm more recently completed design and submittal requirements for a major Lot Re-Write for the Park to modify the original site and add a series of luxury guest cabins. The Lot Re-Write involved a new site plan, the addition of new and replacement water distribution mains, the extension of the sanitary sewer collection system, a comprehensive site grading and drainage plan that is compatible to the new site plan, storm water runoff control plan (featuring a series of decentralized detention basins), site design of new RV and guest cabin pads, landscaping, and drive isles, serving one and two-way directional traffic lanes within the Park. The firm provided complete coordination and submittals to complete the MDEQ (Agency) and Park County review and approval process for the project. The Lot Re-Write certificate was recently successfully issued by the Agency.
Engineering Issues: The approval of the large capacity pressure-dosed, on-site wastewater collection, treatment, & disposal facility serving this RV Park was a major design hurdle. The drainfield disposal beds are sited near the banks of the Yellowstone River; the original approval of the Park, nearly 15 years ago, required extensive engineering to prove to MDEQ that the quality of the effluent leachate from the RV Park would not adversely affect the Yellowstone River water quality or downstream and off-site groundwater quality on neighboring properties. This groundwater review was administered through a comprehensive site evaluation and non-degradation analysis in compliance with MDEQ requirements.
Total Cost of Construction: $350,000

Sunlight Light Industrial Business Park - Whitehall, Montana

Client: Jefferson Local Development Corporation
Project Description: KA provided surveying, platting, and civil engineering design services to the Jefferson Local Development Corporation for the planning and development of this technology/business park near Whitehall, Montana. Once completed, the Park will provide new business to the local economy. The project is part of the Golden Sunlight Mine's efforts to reduce the social and economic impact on the City of Whitehall and the local economy when the Sunlight Mine eventually closes in the future. A mix of private, local and federal funding will pay for the improvements to the business Park. KA completed the engineering design and secured the State and local approvals for construction of Phase 1 of the Park.
Engineering Issues: Finding and developing a viable source of quality groundwater proved to be the biggest challenge for the Park. Groundwater north of the I-90 corridor was of marginal quality and only obtainable in small volume wells. It will eventually take a series of these small volume wells to develop a suitable quantity of water as the source supply for the Park.
Total Cost of Construction: $1.75 million